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Maovic nursing and maternity pillows are filled with only 100% organic buckwheat hulls, so you know that you and your child are spending lots of time close to a clean and pure pillow you can trust! Use this pillow in pregnancy for sleep support and later as a nursing pillow

This pillow makes a luxurious and thoughtful baby shower gift!

These pillows are: 

Anti dust mite


First zipper is for removing the cover for washing

Second zipper is for adjusting the fill level

Made by hand in Canada

Why Buckwheat hulls?


Unlike foam and synthetic fillers, buckwheat hulls are free from chemicals

They give off a delicate natural fragrance that aids in relaxation

They allow for the "perfect fit” as you can adjust the fill level

Buckwheat hulls help to regulate sleeping temperature


Pillow care

Wash the cover in the machine as you would any other pillow cover. No need to throw out buckwheat hulls that have become soiled- they can be washed in mild soap and water and dried on a cookie sheet. They can be periodically disinfected by leaving them out in the sun!

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