Buckwheat toddler pillow Rabbits

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Only the best for your child! Maovic pillows are filled with only 100% organic buckwheat hulls, so your child spends 8 hours sleeping on a clean and pure pillow you can trust! See also the collection of decorative pillow covers and additional waterproof pillow covers as an accessory for this toddler pillow. A beautiful rabbit print pillow for your child's bedroom!  This pillow puts us in mind of Beatrix Potter's collection, and The Velveteen Rabbit.

These pillows are: 

  • Anti dust mite
  • Ergonomic
  • Small enough for your child to easily carry around
  • Machine washable cover comes off with zipper #1
  • Second zipper is for adjusting the fill level
  • Made by hand in Canada

Why Buckwheat hulls?

Unlike foam and synthetic fillers, buckwheat hulls are free from chemicals

They give off a delicate natural fragrance that aids in relaxation

They allow for the "perfect fit" as you can adjust the fill level to suit your child

Buckwheat hulls help to regulate sleeping temperature so your child has more restful nights

At what age can my child use this pillow?

These pillows are designed to be used from approximately 18 months to age 5 or 6, depending upon the individual child and their needs. If you're wondering if they're ready for a pillow, check and see if they are tucking a blanket or toy under their heads, which may indicate readiness. 

Pillow care

Wash the cover in the machine as you would any other pillow cover. No need to throw out buckwheat hulls that have become soiled- they can be washed in mild soap and water and dried on a cookie sheet. They can be disinfected by leaving them out in the sun!

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