Carriwell Maternity Support Belt

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Most mothers notice an immediate decrease in back pain as soon as they put this belt on! One of our favourite products.

  • Made of a soft, non-scratchy elastic fabric that doesn't irritate sensitive skin
  • Velcro closure under the belly
  • Two additional velcro adjustments on the sides
  • Sits high in the small of the back and dips under the belly
  • Lifts the belly and eases back pain and any pain caused by the downward pressure of the baby
  • Wear under your clothing - very discreet
  • Machine wash cold, hang to dry

Black or White


  Belly Measurement in Inches
Small 34 - 38
Medium 36 - 42
Large 40 - 44
XL 42 - 46

*For sizes large and XL, we recommend the Emma Jane Reenie belt.

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