Moa Po Mei Tai - Rio

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This line of Canadian Mei Tai baby carriers is made of beautiful, organic cotton fabrics. The eco friendly dyes used are safe for you and baby.

Each Moa Po mei tai includes wide straps to distribute the baby's weight perfectly, a back head rest that can flip up or down as needed and an instructional DVD. The back head rest has straps that can be tied to the shoulder strap to support baby's head during nap times.

The Mei Tai is an asian style baby carrier that has been used for centuries. One size works for all baby wearers and will carry a child up to 40 pounds comfortably.

Mei Tai carriers can be worn safely on your front, back or hip. 

See Moa Po's YouTube page here for excellent instructional videos.

Coral/teal/plum pattern with coral straps (first image). Reversible to solid fabric.

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