Pelvic Floor and Core Rehab- 7 week course


Get your balance back! We're so excited to introduce this postpartum pelvic floor & core rehabilitation course to Canada! This course is specifically tailored to postpartum women, who may begin this gentle class as early as 6 weeks after birthing. Each class ends in a relaxation exercise, so that the new mother leaves feeling restored, at peace, and in tune with her body. Taught by German midwife Heike Ulmer, this course is based upon pelvic floor conditioning courses that all women take in Germany as a standard practice after birthing. The course is deemed so vital in Germany that it is covered by medical insurance.

Women who have birthed vaginally or who have undergone a Caesarean section will benefit equally from this course. 

  • Restore your balance
  • Restore your abdominal muscles which may have varying degrees of separation (diastasis recti)
  • Restore your pelvic floor to prevent prolapse and incontinence in later life
  • Bring your babies up to age 1, or come alone
  • Suitable for both post-vaginal delivery and post C-section 
  • class is 75 minutes long

$105 per 7 week session

Choose your course dates in the drop down menu:

  • Mondays, January 8th - February 26th - 12:45 - 2pm (no class February 19th)
  • Wednesdays, January 10th - February 21st - 11am - 12:15pm
  • Thursdays, February 8th - March 29th - 8 - 9:15pm (no class March 22nd)
  • Wednesdays, February 28th - April 18th - 12:45-2pm (no class March 21st)
  • Mondays, March 5 - April 30th - 11am-12:15pm (no class March 19th or April 2nd)

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early and bring your yoga mat and water bottle. See you there!

All classes are held in the 1000 square foot studio at Evymama, 1345 St. Clair Avenue West in Toronto.

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Classes are non-refundable, but purchase may be transferred to another session or product at Evymama. 

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| Brooke M 22-01-2018 04:08

The class was great! A perfect activity to start getting out of the house regularly to get somewhere on time! The instructor is a Midwife so she’s sooo knowledgable. I had a lot of pain in my lower back after I delivered my daughter. My chiro and physiotherapist told me it was due to my pelvic floor and abs being so weak... I did part 1 and 2 of the class and definitely noticed an improvement in my back pain!! Thanks evymama for offering this class!!

| Maria 10-01-2018 00:36

This was an excellent post-partum class to help with strengthening and recovery. Heike was excellent at explaining the moves and rationale, and made the class very enjoyable.

| Tamara 08-01-2018 15:42

This class is amazing. I can't recommend it enough. Initially, I hesitated to register, because it's quite a trek for me, but it was totally worth it. I feel so much stronger and more in control of my body. It was great to get to do something for myself, and my son loved to explore on the soft mat and see other babies. Thanks to Heike and evymama for offering this class! :)

| Lindsay 02-12-2017 00:45

This class made a difference in my strength and tone postpartum. It was also a pleasure to attend and I looked forward to it each week. Highly recommended! I really enjoyed Heike's teaching style.

| Sofia 22-11-2017 20:18

Excellent first step towards exercice after birth! Great class! Thank you for offering it!

| Meredith McLean 22-11-2017 18:50

Highly recommended! This class is a great excuse to get out, get your body moving amongst the comfort of other moms, and engage with your core and pelvic floor muscles. Heike is friendly and very knowledgeable.

| Amber M. 28-07-2017 01:58

Great class! I noticed a big improvement in both my abs and pelvic floor (no more stress-incontinence!) after the 7 weeks. Definitely worth it!

5 stars based on 7 reviews