Prenatal & New Parent dog training workshop


Evymama is pleased to host Meet Your Mutt's prenatal preparation course for expectant parents. Get your dog and your home ready for your new baby's arrival! This course encourages a safe, compassionate, fun, and everlasting bond between your baby and your dog. 

Instructor Ashley Baylen will go over everything you need in this 3 hour workshop to set up your home, baby and dog for success including:

  • Preparing your home for baby and dog to peacefully co-exist
  • Establishing boundaries and safe spaces
  • What to allow and what to prevent (The DO's and DON'T's)
  • Sample daily routines for baby and dog
  • Establishing 5 reliable key commands: Sit, Stay, Leave it, Drop It and Heel
  • How to Maintain a calm, respectful environment
  • Understanding Dog Body Language and Communication - Being Proactive vs. Reactive
  • Understanding Learning Theory - The 4 quadrants: Positive Emphasis, Shaping, Counter Conditioning, Desensitization and the similarities and differences between parenting a human and a dog
  • How to introduce your baby to dogs at friends/family houses or out in the world
  • Teaching empathy, kindness and respect at an early age
  • Training games that include baby
  • Songs to integrate into daily life
  • an Open Q&A to ask questions specific to your dog, baby and household!

The 3 hour workshop is limited to 25 individuals/couples and will include a 15 minute break with refreshments and snacks available. 

Price is per family. Babies up to 6 months old are welcome, but dogs must stay home please.


Sunday, October 28th from 10am - 1pm

All classes are held in the studio at Evymama, 1345 Saint Clair Avenue West in Toronto. We can be reached via live chat or at (416) 465-9991. See our studio and class policies here

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