Ready to Birth: pelvic floor prenatal class


Ready to Birth is our newest prenatal class. Get your pelvic floor ready for delivery, learn labour coping and pushing techniques, and get answers to your most pressing questions about birthing in these 1.5 hour sessions, taught by a midwife. The final, 4-hour class (on a weekend day) is for partners to attend too, and includes maternal recovery and essential baby care instruction, with plenty of Q & A time.

  • Strengthen your pelvic floor, core and back in preparation for birthing
  • Tips on dealing with pregnancy complaints
  • Get labour coping tips
  • Learn about pushing
  • Learn about your own postpartum recovery
  • Get ready to care for baby
  • Bring your labour questions to class
  • Partners attend final 4-hour weekend class
  • Choose preferred session in the drop-down menu

Class is $195 for five sessions. Class is held on 4 consecutive weekday evenings for 1.5 hours, followed by a 4-hour weekend class that partners are encouraged to attend.

All classes are held in the 1000 square foot studio at Evymama, 1345 St. Clair Avenue West in Toronto.

Current Class schedule:

1. 4 Thursday evenings from 8-9:30pm from September 6 - 27, 2018 and Saturday, September 29th 2-6pm.

2. 4 Thursday evenings from 8-9:30pm from November 29 - December 20, 2018 and Saturday, December 22nd 2-6pm.

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early for your class. See you there!

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All classes are held in the studio at Evymama, 1345 Saint Clair Avenue West in Toronto. We can be reached via live chat or at (416) 465-9991. See our studio and class policies here.

| Vicki 07-02-2018 20:02

This was such a great class. I was initially expecting a focus on the physical aspect of birth, but the mix of relaxation, training, and discussion about all aspects of late pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care were a welcome addition. I've made some great friends and the small class size is pretty amazing. Very happy to have taken the class and I am looking forward to pelvic floor rehab later this spring.

| Carla Pinheiro 02-02-2018 16:46

This class should be mandatory for all expecting parents, regardless if it’s your first or third, it is what got me thru my 36hr labour and has made my recovery so much better. The doctors were so impressed at how well I moved and pushed during labour. Heike is so incredibly knowledgeable and truly cares for each of us there!

| Emily Feairs 07-01-2018 13:56

This class was awesome. As a second time Mum my pelvic floor needed all the help it could get and this class was the perfect gentle exercise to help it. I learned so much from Heike about labour, delivery and newborn care despite having already gone through it all once! It was also a great way to enjoy my pregnancy and take some time to intentionally focus on the new baby and myself. Highly recommend!

5 stars based on 3 reviews