Quick nursing bra fitting tips

  • Use nursing pads if you anticipate that you will leak milk.
  • The band should not ride up in the back. If it does, you need a smaller band size.
  • The band should not be so tight that it leaves red marks, or causes back flesh to bulge around it (aka "back fat").
  • The band should fit perfectly on the loosest hook. All bras stretch out over time, and a mother's ribcage will shrink in size after baby is born. Having the new bra fit perfectly on the loosest hook means you have room to tighten up as you go down in size.
  • You should be able to fit only one or two fingers under the band of your bra when the band is the correct size. Most women that we see are wearing a too-loose bra band.
  • New bras should fit best on the last (loosest) hook, so that as the bra stretches over time, there are hooks available to tighten the band.
  • Your straps should not fall off your shoulders. If they do, chances are that your band is too big and is riding up.
  • Your straps should not dig into your shoulders. This either means that you need a larger cup size, or a smaller band (so that the band is giving most of the support rather than the straps).
  • The centre section of the bra should sit fairly flush against the centre of your chest, especially in a wire bra. Non-wire bras tend to sit a little away from the skin (but should still give you separation). If the centre section of your bra is too far away from your chest, you need a larger cup size.
  • In an underwire bra, the wire on the side of the breast should fit behind the breast tissue, not on it. The wire of a properly sized cup should encase the breast tissue entirely.
  • Your breasts should not bulge or spill out of the cups. If this happens, you need a bigger cup size.
  • There should be no creases in the bra's cup once you have fitted your breasts into them correctly. Creases indicate a cup that is too big. Bras with molded cups should fit to your breast and have no extra room in them.
  • If one of your breasts is bigger than the other, always fit the bra to the bigger breast. A nursing bra that is too small can cause blocked ducts or mastitis. A little room on one side will not be discernable under your clothes, particularly if you choose a padded nursing bra. 

If in doubt, please call the boutique and ask one of the Evymamas for her expert bra-fitting opinion.W e want you to be in a properly fitted nursing bra!