Sarah Brager, Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Instructor

Sarah’s life changed forever when at 26 years old she fell seriously ill and spent a year recovering from the diagnosis of a rare blood disorder. Sarah relied mainly on yoga and healthy nutrition during her recovery. Practicing asana (physical postures), dhyan (meditation), and pranayam (breathing techniques) dramatically altered Sarah’s physical and mental state from complete exhaustion and stress to a renewed sense of balance and strength.  Now Sarah is a certified prenatal and postnatal yoga instructor, and dedicates her life to health and wellness.  She uses her experience to model to others the way that yoga can and will positively enhance your life.  Sarah has a dynamic approach to teaching yoga, as she wants to connect with her students and make them feel special.  She strives to achieve a welcoming, calming and friendly vibe in her classes, which is often met with laughter and fun.  Students will benefit from taking Sarah’s classes because she truly focuses on the needs of each student, providing individuals with personal attention in an effort to encourage a safe practice with proper alignment.  Sarah has a profound belief that the focus one brings to the yoga mat spills over into life off the mat. There are no boundaries to the benefits of yoga.  Sarah’s mantra is “keep calm and yoga on,” which captures the playful essence that she brings to her classes each and every day!