Teen Moon ceremonies


Come out and connect to the energy of the moon. Learn about the different phases of the moon, how it affects our energies and how to harness the energy for your personal growth and well-being. 

These ceremonies are designed to guide intention-setting based on the moon cycles. Learn how the New Moon brings with it new opportunities, how to set goals, develop new routines and set them into motion. After two weeks of effort to align your energy and actions with your goals, the Full Moon is then used to review this goal/intention and keep it, then working with the Full moon to notice obstacles in the way of this goal and how to navigate around or remove them.


June 3rd bring us the New Moon in Gemini, invoking the need for changes and spontaneous exploration. Learn about the rising of emotions, attending to them, and more!


June 17th will be the Full Moon (known as the Strawberry Moon in June), leading to slowing down to make the most out of your goals. It's time to channel the tortoise instead of the hare in this race, in order to gain...thinking before speaking, listening closely vs. waiting for your turn to speak, and accepting the slow vs. speed of quality work - personally and elsewhere!

Both Moon Ceremonies will include:

-Opening with Sacred Space practice and Sound Healing

-General info on moon phases

-Specific info on the current moon phase and it's impact

-Guided Meditation Intention Setting - seated and moving

-Ecstatic Dance - a guided moving meditation

-Closing circle with meditation and sacred space closure

-Aromatherapy and crystal healing 

Sign up to connect, create space within to accept or balance these energies and feel supported and cared for, by yourself and others.

Guiding these ceremonies is well-known Regulation Specialist, Mindfulness Coach, ECE and Certified Rainbow Yoga Instructor Jill Naftolin. With over two decades of work supporting youth, teens and families, her extensive training and experience allow her create safe, welcoming classes, with a layering of activities to connect to your inner light, and make it sparkle and shine.

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