An invitation to just not do it

An invitation to just not do it

Can we get you to do nothing with us?

Do you ever notice that you love your kids even more when they're down for a nap, or after you've taken a little step back to take care of yourself?

Here's what I'm not doing:

Feeding you lame buzzwords
Giving you one more thing to put on your endless to-do list
Adding to a pile of guilty feelings

I think we can do better than "wine o'clock". A glass of wine or a mani can be nice, yes, but do those things feed what you really need? Wednesday nights, if you can, if it speaks to you, why not check out our beautiful Candlelight Flow & Restore Yoga?
I SO want you to try this class that the first class is free. It's a gift from us, yes, but even more so, it is a gift from you to you. The gift of a peaceful island of time to chill, lose yourself, step back, or even reflect and gather your thoughts. Bring a friend. Bring your mother. Come alone. What do you need? You choose.
It's at 8pm so (maybe?) someone else can put your kids to bed, and so it can be the last thing you do before sleep. (Remember sleep?) My humble suggestion? Try going home after class, and either showering or taking a hot bath, and just crashing into bed. I think it will fit the bill.
Read about our Candlelight Flow & Restore yoga teacher here.
1 free class per person, total. No cash value. Please call to reserve: 416 465-9991


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