Introducing Solids Q & A with Michelle Evans, RD

Introducing Solids Q & A with Michelle Evans, RD

We know that like us, you've got some burning questions for Michelle Evans about baby-led weaning! To get the conversation started, Evymama owner Sarah LeMay and Michelle Evans, RD, of The Family Table bring you this baby-led weaning Q & A!

Introducing Solids with BLW Q & A with registered dietitian Michelle Evans

Michelle Evans, RD is again bringing her fantastic workshop, Starting Solids with Baby-Led Weaning, to Evymama today, Thursday September 20th!

Participants will get a full 2-hour workshop full of information on introducing healthy, nutritious and super easy whole foods to their weanlings, opportunities to ask their questions, and an e-recipe book with delicious recipes that the whole family, including baby, can enjoy!


Sarah: Michelle, thank you so much for doing this Q & A to help our customers to get a better idea of what they can expect in your workshop!


Michelle:  My pleasure!


Sarah: What does “Baby-led weaning” mean?


Michelle: Baby-led weaning (BLW) is a method of introducing solid foods to babies by allowing them to self-feed.  No more messy purees or cleaning blenders, no need to make special food for babies – by simply providing your baby with appropriate finger foods, they can feed themselves using whole nutritious foods.  Essentially, BLW welcomes your baby to the family table to enjoy mealtimes with you!


Sarah: Is there a specific age at which parents should start baby-led weaning?


Michelle:  The current guidelines from Health Canada, the World Health Organization, and other pediatric health organizations around the world recommend exclusive breastfeeding or formula feeding till 6 months of age.  At this age, babies are ready to start complimentary solid foods – and, developmentally, they are ready to learn how to feed themselves!


Sarah: What is the most common question that you get from parents coming to your workshops?


Michelle: Definitely the most common question I hear is “But won’t my baby choke???!”  I teach you how to offer foods with appropriate shapes, sizes and textures to minimize choking risk, as well as the appropriate environment to feed your baby.  We will talk a lot about gagging and choking to make sure that parents leave with all the information they need before getting started – by the way, a recent study actually found that babies fed with BLW were at no greater risk of choking than traditional puree-fed babies!  Neat, huh?


Sarah: What is your family’s favourite menu item from your cookbook?


Michelle: the salmon sliders!  They’re such an easy way to get brain-building DHA into your baby, plus they’re delicious!


Sarah: Anything else you’d like parents to know about your workshop?


Michelle: Whether you’re on the fence about BLW, just want some more information, or even if you’re thinking of puree-feeding, this workshop can be helpful for you.  Much of what we discuss is relevant even for puree-fed babies, including signs of readiness, best starter foods to meet baby’s unique nutrition needs, introducing allergens, and more.  You’ll leave with peace of mind that you’ve got the knowledge to make an informed decision about feeding your baby, with updated, evidence-based info from a regulated health professional.


Sarah: Thank you very much Michelle, I really can’t wait to read your book and get more great information about introducing solids to my own 6-month old!


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