Is it wrong to love a bra this much?

Is it wrong to love a bra this much?

Is it possible to love a nursing bra as much as you used to love your favourite t-shirt bra? Or are you destined to wear a bra that you hate for the duration of your breastfeeding days?

I confess that I can't live without my t-shirt bras. I wear mine 5 days a week or more. 

I know that I'm supposed to be willing to opt-out of wearing a bra at all, or to trifle with a lace bralet now and then, but milk leakage requires nursing pads, and heavy postpartum breasts demand support, meaning that I need a serious bra that I can count on when I'm breastfeeding. 

The t-shirt bra takes the humble white t-shirt from frumpy to sexy. It makes you stand a little taller by giving you the confidence that comes with knowing that everything is tucked away, and that there is no chance you'll leak!  It makes dressed-up-you feel truly pulled-together. So what's not to love? It's reliably great, and we can all appreciate that!

You absolutely can still enjoy a great t-shirt bra with underwire when you're breastfeeding, so don't wear a bra that you kind of feel sorry for, or that you're embarassed to be seen in! Pick bras that you and your hardworking breasts deserve! And if it's the t-shirt bra that you crave, then look no further- you really can love a bra again!

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Sarah's favourite workhorse bra: The sexy t-shirt bra

Sarah's favourite sexy bra (pictured): The vines t-shirt bra









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