It's looking like Groundhog Month

It's looking like Groundhog Month

Looking for the way out of Groundhog Month

Things have been more frenetic than usual in my house. My to-do list gets longer every day, rather than shorter… I feel trapped in a sort of Grounhog Day of demands. Does this sound familiar? I guess it’s the phase we’re in right now. This too shall pass (it will pass, right?)


The things I miss most right now? The rare moments when I can focus on one child at a time. Drinking my tea while it’s still hot. Working out until I get a serious sweat on. 


If you’re also asking yourself what nourishes you, and are looking for answers, I have some suggestions. Here are my February Get your Bounce Back ideas: 


If you have 1.25 hours for yourself:


Pelvic Floor & Core with Alex Tacier Joye. The new session starts Wednesday Feb 13. That’s Wednesdays at 11am. Just can’t even anymore with the cold? The studio is nice and warm, but if you’re literally not leaving the house, in true Groundhog fashion, check out the video workshop version of the course, just launched last month! 


If you have an hour for yourself: 


Belly Dance with Shannon Hancocks, Drop-in, Tuesdays at 6:15pm. For prenatal and any phase and stage of your journey post-baby (yes, even if your baby is a large child now). A fun and freeing dance class. No experience needed. A beautiful chance to step outside your comfort zone! Be brave. Spring is coming! 


If you have half an hour for yourself:


Get a new nursing bra and then have a tea or coffee blissfully alone. We will fit you for a new bra with all due aplomb. I humbly suggest the stunning Lorenna, designed and made right here in Toronto, in the spirit of Valentines Day. 


If you have a mere 2 to 5 minutes for yourself:


Drink some water. 


Add a scoop of hydrolyzed collagen powder to your coffee. This will literally nourish you if you're not feeding yourself adequately some days. This tip comes from my friend the naturopath, Dori Skye Engel, ND


Hang by your arms from a chin up bar to stretch your shoulders (I just do this in my stairway at home). It feels great, and is a different motion for your body from what you’re doing all day (taking care of people, on repeat). 


Do a forward fold. 


Take three deep breaths, thinking of nothing but your breathing. 


I’m right there with you in 2 to 5 minute land, friend. We’ve got this. February is a short month, and Spring is right around the corner. Happy Groundhog Month! 


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