Krystel Lea brings Prenatal Education and Thai Massage to Evymama!

Krystel Lea brings Prenatal Education and Thai Massage to Evymama!

We welcome Krystel Lea, Holistic Practitioner, to Evymama!

We are thrilled to welcome Krystel Lea to Evymama! Krystel joins our team as a Prenatal Educator and Thai Practitioner. She will be offering Thai Massage at Evymama on Monday and Saturday afternoons, beginning in June 2019. 

Krystel's childbirth education classes, including HypnoBirthing, and Childbirth 101 will begin at Evymama in September 2019.

Krystel has a Diploma of Registered Massage Therapy from Mohawk College. In her last semester, she studied and practiced prenatal and postnatal massage and breast massage, which ignited her passion to help women during their pregnancies. Shortly afterwards, she became a Birth and Postpartum Doula, a Childbirth Educator, and a certified HynoBirthing Instructor.

Krystel’s passion is to use her many massage techniques to help women throughout pregnancy.

Massage is known to:

- Relieve tension (a known cause of back pain and sore ankles)
- Maintain proper range of motion
- Helping the body to prepare physically for labor
- Improve circulation
- Reduce anxiety & stress
- Reduce Edema (swelling)
- Improve Sleep
- Provide relief for headache

Krystel is certified as a Holistic Practitioner, which may be covered by some private extended health coverage plans.


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