Sex is a muscle

Sex is a muscle

I recently made my man blush when I told him about the blog post I've been wanting to write. When customers started quietly telling Pelvic Floor instructor Heike about some sexy side effects to her course, I knew it was time to post!

I only recently stopped to think about the fact that when it comes to sex, we women literally have all the muscle. The penis is basically a sponge, and the female pelvic floor is pretty much ALL muscle. 

Most women have some degree of trauma to their pelvic floor and core from pregnancy and labour. I've met women at Evymama with diastasis recti, cervical prolapse, back pain, and various degrees of incontinence. Luckily, most damage done to our bodies by the work of baby making isn't severe, and IS REVERSIBLE, because women are amazing like that. 

Muscles are incredible. They rip and reform, stretch, build and grow. They can be rehabilitated and worked. With effort and a good coach, you can restore your pelvic floor and core, and maybe even improve those areas! 

Women who have been taking our Pelvic Floor and Core class have noticed improvements to various complaints within a few weeks. A few have reported that their sex lives have gotten new life, too. More than one customer has privately told the instructor that she's having more frequent and better orgasms. One customer told her that her partner can actually feel the difference himself during sex (needless to say, he's encouraging her to take the class again). 

There are so many reasons to take care of your amazing body. You deserve to have the confidence that comes with a strong and healthy body, and all of the side benefits that it brings. As we always say, take care of yourself, so you can take care of others. 

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