The sharing revolution

The sharing revolution

Maybe oversharing is actually just the right amount of sharing...

December 2018

As I adjusted the driver’s seat of my minivan this morning, it struck me how much I’m doing this now- and I don’t mean adjusting the seat back after my partner has driven it.  What I mean is, how much I’ve adjusted my life after taking Heike’s pelvic floor class and workshop. 


If you've taken her course too, I’m pretty sure you're thinking about your posture as you stand, walk around, or hold a child. Sitting up in the careful way you’ve been shown. Correcting the way you sit in a chair, and yes, adjusting the driver’s seat to support your body the way it deserves to be supported- correctly, and as a gentle reminder to pay attention to your pelvic floor and core as you go about your normal daily activities. 


We may not have the time to roll out the mat for an hour a day. Who cares? Heike would say. The little adjustments and choices we’re making daily might be more subversive anyhow. Deciding to do better for yourself in all areas, deciding to trade that death of a thousand cuts of self-neglect for a thousand caresses to your body, is a kind of revolution. 


The knowledge we’ve gained as students of Heike’s will keep serving us in a million ways everyday, and as we grow older. 


A customer mentioned the other day that she and her friends always “overshare” about their bodies and Mom Life situations. She called Heike's class life-changing to the point of being the MOST important thing she's done postpartum. Maybe they aren’t oversharing, but sharing just the right amount. 


I’m sure we all have a friend or two who could use the information we students of Heike's been empowered with. The truth is, anyone who has ever had a baby could use the information we’re benefitting from every day. 


Whether you've taken Heike's classes or not, I am over the moon excited to share 2 big pieces of news with you: 


1. We have a teacher stepping in to take over where Heike has left off. Her name is Alix Tacier Joye, and you can read about her here! Her first session has two spots left, and starts this Friday at 9:30am. Register for any upcoming session here!


2. I have created a video version of Heike’s workshop class, available now. Get the workshop online!


I hope that you’ll keep your far-away friends in mind too, and let them know that they can take Heike’s class no matter where they live or what their circumstances are. It's' time to talk about the things we don't talk about enough!


Thanks you very much for your continued support of Evymama, our teachers, and our families. 

Wishing you the best year ever, 

Sarah LeMay

President, Evymama




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