The magical properties of linen

The magical properties of linen

I learned some amazing facts about linen that will make you rethink your baby carrier!

While researching our newest line of baby carriers, I learned some absolutely amazing facts about linen that make it the most perfect fabric for baby carriers, period. 

Fact #1: Linen actually helps baby to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and to sleep more deeply!

Fact #2: Linen is  one of the most environment-friendly fibres

Fact #3: Linen is antiallergenic and antibacterial 

Fact # 4: Linen becomes more beautiful and supple with washing and wearing, thanks to the extraordinary durability of its fibres, which keep it from losing its shape 

Fact #5: Linen is breathable and holds moisture well, which is perfect in the summer,  and is insulating in winter, making it a great year-round choice! 

Check out Gustine, a beautiful line of linen baby carriers, made in Quebec! Available in our web store and in the boutique. Join us Fridays, 2-3 pm for a FREE baby wearing workshop in the nursing lounge!



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