Update on the Evymama Studio

Update on the Evymama Studio

We apologize for the continued delays on the studio repairs at Evymama

Due to a collapsed pipe in the floor of the studio, which required removal and disposal of the flooring, excavation, replacement of the baseboards, and now, in backwards fashion, replacement of drywall, to be followed again by baseboards and fresh paint, new tile, and new mats... we are in a holding pattern. 

As soon as the studio is renovated, cleaned, and fluffed, we will relaunch, better than ever before, and with some surprises! 

Surprise # 1: No more cards, sign-in sheets or paper waivers, same friendly greeting by our upstairs staff. Watch for the Evymama app in the Apple Store in a few weeks time, when we'll do away with our old system. You can already find our app in the Google Play store! I am working very hard to get this ready at the same time as the studio, but... mom of four, flooded studio, business to run. Let's see if I manage it! Wish me luck. Please. I need it!


Thank you all sincerely for your continued patience! 



Sarah LeMay & The Evymama Team










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