Mandarin for baby

It is never too early to introduce your child to a second language. On the contrary, the earlier the better! When babies are born, they can already respond to the rhythm of language. As early as four months, infants can distinguish between language sounds and other noises. For instance, they know the difference between a spoken word and a clap.

Babies are exposed to the Chinese Mandarin language through songs, rhymes, stories in this class. The playful, sensory and participatory approach of this class is also designed to foster bonding between child and adult. Mandarin-speaking families, families with some Mandarin, and families who speak no Mandarin at all are all invited to join this class, taught by native Mandarin speaker and Early Childhood Educator Maggie Duan.
  • The class is for babies & tots with parent(s), grandparents or caregiver. We require a 1:1 child to adult ratio because of the pace of this very active class.
  • Class is 30 minutes long
  • No class on long weekends
  • Purchase a single class, or a block of 4 classes for the best price
  • FREE pilot class for new registrants only on March 8th- book now to avoid disappointment! 
| Sarah 22-01-2020 15:57

We tried out the Baby Mandarin demo class with Maggie and loved it! Maggie is so great with the babies and makes everyone feel welcome. This is my first experience with Mandarin and I love that I am learning something new along with my son. I've been singing the "hello song" in Mandarin to him all week and he loves it! Maggie sends along an email afterwards with audio recordings of the songs and words learnt in class which is so helpful. Definitely signing up for the four class course.

| Shira Goldberg 19-01-2020 18:53

Great class! The babies were taking everything in, and I loved that the parents got to learn something new along with their kids! :)

5 stars based on 2 reviews
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