Mom & Baby Yoga


Evymama's Mom & Baby Yoga classes are specifically designed for the postpartum body with sequencing focused on safely restoring the core and pelvic floor, building upper body strength, and stretching the shoulders, neck and back.

Expect a playful and baby-friendly environment where the babies are involved in some of the class, and diaper changes and feedings are welcomed. 

  • Come with baby or come on your own
  • No yoga experience is necessary
  • Yoga mats are provided free of charge
  • Punch your card as you go -present card at the front desk
  • 3 available classes per week- attend them all, or come when you can!
  • View or download calendars here


  • Tuesdays 11am-12pm
  • Thursdays 11am-12pm
  • Fridays 11am-12pm

Purchase options

  • Single class - $20
  • 5 class card - $75 ($15 per class)
  • 10 class card - $139 ($13.90 per class)

Cards can be used for our Postnatal, Prenatal, Family, and candlelight flow drop-in yoga classes. 

Instructors: Lilian Chan, Rachel Tokayer & Sarah Brager

Download Course Calendar

Please arrive 10 minutes early for your first class. 

All classes are held in the studio at Evymama, 1345 Saint Clair Avenue West in Toronto. We can be reached via live chat or at (416) 465-9991. See our studio and class policies here

| Katie 13-02-2018 15:11

We’ve loved our Tuesday and Thursday classes with Sarah! She’s trained in Pilates as well so it’s a challenging class if you want it to be, but she also provides options if you just aren’t feeling it that day.

| Andrea 10-02-2018 18:32

I attended the Friday yoga class with Sarah Rodd from about 3 and a half months until 6 months postpartum. Sarah is an excellent instructor – the work that she did with me really helped improve my core strength and pelvic stability. I was a bit nervous about attending a group class at the beginning because my baby isn’t the type who can be content on a mat with toys for a prolonged period, but Sarah always offered to pick her up if needed so that I could get a full workout. The yoga classes were truly a highlight of my maternity leave, and helped get me back into shape quickly.

| Lisa 10-02-2018 02:19

I’m so glad that I decided to try this class. The instructor is very accommodating and understanding of your unique needs as a mother. The space is perfect for my very active baby. It’s all padded and there are toys for her to play with. I’ve told several other moms about the class because I’m so happy with it.

| Hannah 07-02-2018 18:14

I’d never done yoga before having a baby and I was quite apprehensive about attending my first class... now I’m nearly 20 classes in and I LOVE it! Both instructors are sensitive to post-natal recovery needs, and they have helped me to get back into shape (more or less!) in a safe and fun way. They’re really relaxed about crying babies, hungry babies, and dirty diapers. “Do what you need to do” is their mantra, and they mean it. I can’t recommend these classes enough!

| Karen Steward 07-02-2018 17:15

Had a great time at this class! The instructor made special modifications for me based on how I was feeling and I got a great workout!

5 stars based on 5 reviews
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