How to size a nursing bra

First, you will need to take your measurements. You will need a soft tape measure and someone to help you (for the most accurate fit your arms should be down at your sides, which is hard to do when you're the one holding the tape measure). If you do not have a soft tape, use a ribbon or string and hold this against a regular tape measure to get your measurements.

To take the Under Bust measurement, hold the tape parallel to the floor and wrap it snugly around your ribs, directly under the bust. Take note of this measurement in inches. Round this measurement up to the nearest inch. (ie: 34.5" should be rounded up to 35").

For the Bust measurement, hold the tape parallel to the floor around the fullest part of the bust, without squishing the tape into the breast tissue. Round this measurement up to the nearest inch as well.

Use the Under Bust Measurement to choose your band size from the following chart:

Under Bust Measurement: 
Suggests Band Size:
24" - 25" 28
25" - 26" 30
27" - 29" 32
29" - 32" 34
33" - 34" 36
35" - 39" 38
40" - 41" 40
42" - 43" 42
44" - 45" 44
46" - 47" 46








To determine your cup size, subtract the Under Bust measurement from the Bust measurement. Every inch difference equals one cup size, ie:

1" difference = A cup
2" = B cup
3" = C cup
4" = D cup
5" = E cup
6" = F cup
7" = G cup
8" = H cup, 
etc. (Evymama stocks bras up to M cup)

Do not be alarmed if you come up with a cup size that is drastically different than bras you have been wearing in the past. Most women are wearing the wrong bra size! Our average nursing mama is a G/H cup!

Remember to go by the fit, not by the numbers. You have to try the nursing bra on to know if it is a proper fit, despite the measurements. If it fits correctly, that's your nursing bra size even if the tape measure told you differently.

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