When should I buy my nursing bras?

With all of the changes happening to a woman's breasts during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the number of women wearing the wrong maternity or nursing bra is much higher than the average. For a perfectly sized nursing bra, visit us at Evymama Nursing & Maternity, Toronto's Only Breastfeeding Boutique, at 1345 St. Clair Avenue W. for a professional fitting. However, if you are shopping for your breastfeeding bras in our online boutique, use these guidelines to choose the correct size of nursing bra for you.

Your nursing bras are an investment! Your breastfeeding lingerie should match your size and shape, your lifestyle, your tastes, and your budget. We are very happy to help online customers with their selections over the phone at 416.465.9991 during our regular business hours

We recommend that mamas buy their first nursing bras in the last month of pregnancy. Generally, a mother's cup size will go up one or two letters when her milk first comes in, but she will usually not stay this larger size. Sometime between week two and week six of nursing the cup size will settle, and generally a mother settles back down to the size she was in her last month of pregnancy. There are always exceptions, some mothers go up a few cup sizes and stay there for six months or more, some mothers do not increase in cup size at all. The size of your bra cup does not determine how much milk you will make - every size and shape of breast can make milk. 

Buying bras in your last month of pregnancy means you will have some bras for baby's arrival. It is much harder to shop once baby is born, especially when you have to leave home to do it and you have no nursing bras for easy nursing in public. It's best to be prepared!

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