The Perfect Playroom workshop

Join us for a workshop with playroom consultant, Connie Huson, to discover how you can declutter, organize, and display toys and art materials at home to encourage more play, learning, and creativity for your child.  Your children will play more and tidying up will be easier!
Encouraging your Child's Play, Learning, & Creativity at Home
Join teacher and playroom consultant, Connie Huson, to learn how to make a play area (whether it’s large or small) for your child(ren) that:
• stimulates creative play
• is organized and easy to tidy up
• helps you limit screen time
• promotes learning
• provides calm and relaxation

"I came away from your workshop feeling confident that not only could I better maximize the play area in our small home but that, through applying your tips, I could reduce screen time, increase my childrens' creative learning and expression, and likely reduce sibling tension, to boot! Ten days later, our home feels so much cleaner, your methods are saving rather than requiring my time, and I have already begun to build up an 'art centre' that my children are excited and empowered to use. Your one hour experience has been a game changer - thank you so much!"
- Nicola Holmes, Mother (of two under 5) & Life Coach
Connie taught with the Toronto school board for 14 years, mostly in Kindergarten, and now uses her play-based learning expertise to help families support their child's learning and creativity at home.
Learn more about Connie and her services at
Next workshop date: Thursday, April 16 at 6:30pm, for approximately 1 hour plus time for questions.
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