How to Organize Your Holiday Shopping

The best way to spend your holiday is with your loved ones. When visiting friends and family, it is common practice not to go empty-handed. For the adults, you can buy gifts such as a smart mug or charging hub. For the kids, educational toys such as LEGO Robotics toys are perfect gifts.

In America, the holiday season starts from thanksgiving (November 25). However, juicy holiday deals usually start flowing in from companies like Walmart between October and December. While the mouth-watering deals may not be available every day of the week for this period, some certain dates such as Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays are designated for giving out cheap deals.

To avoid spending above your budget or leaving out any family member, it is essential you organize your holiday shopping. The tips below will help you have a hitch-free holiday shopping experience.

Know Thy Budget

The almighty factor that determines the number of gifts you can shop for is your budget. When designating certain funds for gifts, keep in mind that there are other things to spend on including transport, decorations, food, and drinks. If you have a robust budget, you may also want to send gifts to colleagues, bosses, and workers.

List the Things You Want to Buy

Once you know your budget, start listing the things you want to buy and their corresponding recipients. Holiday gifts can be shopped throughout the holiday period, but you need to be proactive when booking flights or train tickets since you won’t be the only person competing for seats.

Save the Essential Dates

The two essential days for holiday shoppers are Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays. One similarity between both days is that retailers offer huge discounts on products. However, Black Friday tends to be in-store-centric while Cyber Mondays as the name implies, is often referred to as the online version of Black Fridays. More deals are done on a Cyber Monday compared to Black Friday. Also, some Black Friday deals may be available on Cyber Monday.

You can expect a 20% discount on the usually discounted products (usually electronics) and less than 20% on the rarely discounted goods. A good rule of thumb in holiday shopping is to compare deals from top retailers namely, Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, The Home Depot, Aldi, and many more. Then, settle for the best deals.

Appganize Your Holiday Shopping

When you jot your items, budget, and dates down on paper, you might lose it. However, one thing most people are very careful with is the smartphone. There are apps that can help you organize your holiday shopping and also, set a reminder. If you lose your phone, your holiday shopping details will still be on the cloud storage of the app. These apps include Google Drive and Trello.

Don’t Throw Away the Receipts

Get a receipt organizer. Some receipts are neatly divided into sections enabling you to store multiple receipts separately. The receipt folders may be categorized alphabetically by the manufacturer. If not, you can label each section yourself for easy navigation. You can get a receipt organizer from any store. If you want a receipt organizer software, apps like Zoho Expense, Divvy, Expensify, and WellyBox

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