Hello there, and welcome to Every Mama Needs!

Every Mama Needs started a few years ago when my 2 kids were still at kindergarten. I left my busy corporate job to devote my attention to being a stay-home mother. After some time, I found blogging to be a comfortable outlet for my ideas and setbacks. It turned out that it even brought out the creative aspect of me that wasn’t fully explored before.

I admit that I have a few struggles from here and there. With the undying support of my husband and my parents, I was able to handle pregnancy and parenthood accordingly. Just like other moms, I, too, search for helpful tips and guides online from experienced and successful mothers out there when there’s a doubtful moment.

I tried a lot of the information I had gathered and experimented with a few ideas of my own. Some turned out great, while a lot came out as mistakes. Even though people say you can learn from shortcomings, you cannot take a risk when it comes to your kids. As I continued to become a mother, I detailed my experiences and realizations so that I could be able to share them with struggling parents out there.

Soon, my blog became bigger as articles accumulated, and my circle started to grow larger. Recently, Every Mama Needs made its presence felt in video streaming and social media. Feel free to share what you’ve learned on this site with a parent you know of that is in need.