6 Things Every Parent Should Know About Weighted Blankets

Because of their weight and deep pressure, weighted blankets are great for inducing sleep and relaxation. This is especially useful for parents with kids struggling with anxiety, insomnia, and other sensory disorders. However, there are certain things parents need to know before purchasing a weighted blanket online for their child.
1. Age Consideration
Before using a weighted blanket on your child, considering their age is very important. Due to their thickness, weighted blankets might not be safe for kids…

How to Start Financially Preparing for College Early

Parents tend to have it in the back of their minds fairly early on that they might want to prepare for their children’s college costs. Fortunately, those costs are less burdensome in Canada than in many other parts of the world. Part of this is because of education before college. An in-depth look at who spends most on education just a few years ago in fact put the average spent between primary school and the undergraduate level around $22,000 in Canada — far below rates in, say, the U.S. or China. This means parents often have more opportunities to save for college while kids are going through earlier levels of education.
But conditions are also favorable because tuition levels at many prominent Canadian universities are also…

How I Am Encouraging Our Kids to Become More Independent

The reason for encouraging independence is to build a sense of responsibility. A parent cannot always be around for his/her kids, and that is why teaching them to be reliable is important. However, it may be a bit heavy on them at first, and thus, the following tips will help you ease your kids’ transition towards independence:
1. Use tools for reminders.
Having a board on the corner, a calendar of schedules, stick-it notes, and magnets on the fridge are some of the most common and useful things for reminding your kids. Make it very noticeable and free of ambiguity.
2. Create a snack container that is self-serving.
The days of you serving your kids with snacks has to be …

Travel With a Picky Sleeper

Babies can have unexpected things that will keep you up all night. Unfortunately, it can take a year for most parents to figure out their sleeping patterns, and it can get even more difficult if they are picky sleepers.
Being selective is not new for babies. All they want is the utmost comfort and the irresistible urge of drowsiness. At home, you can adjust accordingly, but when you travel, it can turn a dream vacation into a nightmare. Here are some of the most useful tips you can apply to deal with a picky sleeper on a trip:
1. Recreating a Sleeping Environment
One great motivator for sleeping is darkness. It’s hard to achieve that while on a trip since you are at the mercy of environmental …

How I’m Teaching My Big Kids About Money

As kids begin to get comfortable asking for everything they ever wanted, at the back of most parents’ minds lurks a deep concern. This can become a big problem later on if the kids can’t realize the value of money. There can be many approaches in teaching, but as a parent, you don’t want to come off negatively and have the message misunderstood.
Depriving the kids of what they want each time they ask may develop hidden issues as they become more independent and grow to become adults. It will never be too early to teach them when and what to spend the money on and how to save the …