Spring Cleaning: How to Make it More Manageable

Spring cleaning seems to be a very large chore, and sometimes, things can go out of hand. This means that there are just so many things to rearrange or dispose of, and you might get overwhelmed with doubt about what to do first or next.
If you want to make the cleaning more manageable, here is a recommended 7-day cleaning schedule:
DAY 1: Bathrooms
This is probably the least appealing part of the house to clean, but surprisingly, it can be easy to clean up. After all, it is easier to spray the interior with water since there is a drain. From scrubbing the tiles and toilet bowl to applying chemical agents, make sure to be extra careful.
DAY 2: Kitchen
The kitchen …

Self-Care Vs. Self-Sabotage

After a stressful day or week, you want to do something for yourself. Two of the easiest choices are food and online streaming. You may order ice cream or pizza as a celebration of completing a hard day’s work, or you can opt to roll over your bed after a hectic week and enjoy a TV series marathon, or both. All may seem like activities for ‘self-care’ until the results of over-indulgence manifest themselves the following days.
You feel bloated and heavy. Your body is harder to motivate to get active than usual. After giving in to the curiosities promoted by the ending of each episode, the next thing you know is that you lack sleep and have headaches. In short, you become unhealthy, and your so-…

Self-Care After Christmas: Think Of It As Your New Year’s Preview

Christmas is the busiest holiday for most people. It is a celebration rooted in a happy historical event; this is usually the holiday where reunions happen. Of course, the more gatherings, the more food, and enjoyment you are exposed to.
You get tons of meals around, and more than half of them are bound to be leftovers for pre-heating in the following days. These meals are not usually healthy, but they can be very delicious. Many of the secret recipes and traditional dishes will be showcased on the table for everyone to appreciate while eating.
When things are going great, the next thing you know is you are at your fourth bottle of wine. You participate in whatever fun activities are being conducted and continue to indulge …