Spring Cleaning: How to Make it More Manageable

Spring cleaning seems to be a very large chore, and sometimes, things can go out of hand. This means that there are just so many things to rearrange or dispose of, and you might get overwhelmed with doubt about what to do first or next.

If you want to make the cleaning more manageable, here is a recommended 7-day cleaning schedule:

DAY 1: Bathrooms

This is probably the least appealing part of the house to clean, but surprisingly, it can be easy to clean up. After all, it is easier to spray the interior with water since there is a drain. From scrubbing the tiles and toilet bowl to applying chemical agents, make sure to be extra careful.

DAY 2: Kitchen

The kitchen must be the cleanest part of the house since this is where all foods are prepared. It is important to make it spotless, free from grease, and safe from possible pest invasions. Also, don’t forget to unclog the drain.

DAY 3: Windows

Cleaning windows can depend on their design. Most glass windows only take seconds to clean 1 panel. Also, try to change drapes and curtains too.

DAY 4: Floors

Sweep, mop, buff – make your floors pop up. If you have carpets, then your most trusted ‘friend’ is the vacuum cleaner. Don’t forget to include the ventilation.

DAY 5: Bedrooms

Change the bedsheets and get rid of old garments. Also, flip the mattress after vacuuming.

DAY 6: Laundry Room

Once in a while, you need to check up on your washing machine. There may be some loose threads accumulated or solidification of liquid detergent. Clean the insides and constantly check for electrical issues.

DAY 7: Outdoors

Since it is easy to clean the balcony and pavement with a power cleaner, you can also include car washing.

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