How Vaping Enhanced My Parenting Skills

A parent is always striving to be the best self for the kids. We always aspire to give them the best life by being resourceful, kind, patient, and attentive. However, life is full of surprises that can either lift you or pin you down. Mine is not exceptional and has been a rollercoaster with a fair share of disappointments and stress. That’s when I started vaping live resin from Exhale Well, and it has been a great transformer.

Managing Anxiety

CBD has helped me in managing anxiety that comes from stress from my failing relationship with my partner, my finances, and my work.

When these aspects overwhelm me, I usually take my vape.  CBD has helped me in enhancing my mood, which enabled me to get a sense of relaxation and calmness and face life challenges that are thrown my way.

Improved Sleep

Sleep is an essential element that contributes to overall health and wellness for a parent. I usually wake up so early and sleep too late. CBD vapes have improved my sleep quality by ensuring I have a calm night of 6-7 uninterrupted hours of sleep. Vaping helps me fall asleep faster and stay asleep all night. When I wake up in the morning, I usually feel rejuvenated and ready to handle the day’s tasks with confidence.

Improved Mood

CBD vaping offers essential benefits of improving mood. It can regulate emotions, promote feelings of happiness and reduce irritability. Taking care of little ones comes with mood swings and irritability, especially when preparing them for school in the morning. However, vaping has enabled me to have an easier time when managing my children. Even when I’m angry, I always find a way to calm my nerves down with just one vape.

Reduced Stress

As a parent, I’m bound to be stressed by various issues such as fees, rent, and work relationships. Juggling between family responsibilities and work is not easy. Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed and stress can take a toll on me.

CBD has the potential to significantly reduce stress by reducing its physical symptoms of it and promoting feelings of relaxation.

For me, vaping enables me to deal with the stresses of life with ease. Instead of becoming hyperactive, I approach things from a better angle with a calmer perspective. As such, I’m able to solve problems easily by being an effective communicator and a supportive parent to my children.

Good Relief After Work

Vaping is a good way to wind down from the pressures of work so that I can concentrate on having a good time with my kids. Work can sometimes be overwhelming, and it is possible to bring along all that drama to children.

However, I found out that vaping after work helped me interact with my children and help them with their assignments without being cranky with them.

Final Thoughts

Vaping has helped me to become a better parent. However, it is also essential for a person who is considering vaping to check on their physical and emotional health first to see if vaping is for them too. Seeking medical attention for various health issues is also an essential step to ensure that vaping is safe for you. So, you must seek your doctor’s approval first before you start vaping. Whatever you do, make sure to hide your vape from your kids.

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