Travel With a Picky Sleeper

Babies can have unexpected things that will keep you up all night. Unfortunately, it can take a year for most parents to figure out their sleeping patterns, and it can get even more difficult if they are picky sleepers.

Being selective is not new for babies. All they want is the utmost comfort and the irresistible urge of drowsiness. At home, you can adjust accordingly, but when you travel, it can turn a dream vacation into a nightmare. Here are some of the most useful tips you can apply to deal with a picky sleeper on a trip:

1. Recreating a Sleeping Environment

One great motivator for sleeping is darkness. It’s hard to achieve that while on a trip since you are at the mercy of environmental conditions. However, in simple ways, you can recreate them and obtain the intended results. One method is using blackout shades.

For a cheaper alternative, you can also utilize the garbage bag trick to cover the windows. Another way is to have a portable mattress with almost the same feel as your baby’s bed. It may be a bit expensive, though.

2. Determining the Best Sleeping Location

Sleeping in an unfamiliar condition might put on stress for babies who are picky sleepers. You can roam around in your hotel room while carrying your body and attempting to put him/her to sleep. If a particular corner or side encourages drowsiness, then that is the best spot to get him/her to sleep.

3. Sticking to the Routine

Being picky is tied to routine. As long as you figure out the sleeping situation and location, stick to it until the end of the trip.

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