6 Things Every Parent Should Know About Weighted Blankets

Because of their weight and deep pressure, weighted blankets are great for inducing sleep and relaxation. This is especially useful for parents with kids struggling with anxiety, insomnia, and other sensory disorders. However, there are certain things parents need to know before purchasing a weighted blanket online for their child.

1. Age Consideration

Before using a weighted blanket on your child, considering their age is very important. Due to their thickness, weighted blankets might not be safe for kids below 6 years. It could become too heavy for them to move when they sleep. This could be hazardous, so take your child’s age into consideration before thinking of using a weighted blanket on them.

2. Untested Product

Most weighted blankets are not approved by a pediatrician. So getting one for your child may not necessarily help them sleep better or improve their behavior. This is because weighted blankets have not been tested and discovered to help kids sleep well. So there is a high chance that using weighted blankets for your kid might not work.

3. Child’s Preference

Before going ahead to buying a weighted blanket for your child, you need to consider your child’s preferences. If your child is averse to sleeping with heavy clothes or regular blankets, then getting a weighted blanket might be the wrong choice. Forcing your kid to use them can also be a bad idea. However, if the reverse is the case, then you can go ahead and purchase one for your child. If your child seems l

4. Durability

Most weighted blankets are not durable, especially if they’re made from low-quality materials. If you’re planning on using weighted blankets for your kids, you should probably be prepared to buy another piece after a while.

Although many manufacturers of weighted blankets advertise it as being durable, it’s not always the case. Some weighted blankets could get damaged by using a machine to wash them. Ensure that the weighted blanket you’re trying to get is easy to wash and not prone to tears.

5. Type Of Weighted Blanket

There are different types of weighted blankets available. There’s the infused weighted blanket, wearable weighted blankets, pocket weighted blankets, and so on. You have to make up your mind about which you think is suitable for your child. Make sure the weighted blanket you’re picking is one that your child will find comfortable unless purchasing it would be a waste.

6. Weight & Hypoallergenic Properties

Although most weighted blankets are constructed to be heavier than regular blankets, parents should also make sure the weighted blankets they’re going to use for their kids weigh 10% of the total body mass of the child that’ll be using them.

Using a weighted blanket on your child that seems heavier than necessary won’t achieve the goal of helping your child relax and sleep better, especially during the exciting holiday season. Also, check that the material used for producing the weighted blanket is made from hypoallergenic products, just in case your child has allergies.

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