FREE HypnoBirthing info session Saturday September 10th!

FREE HypnoBirthing info session Saturday September 10th!

Certified HypnoBirthing instructor Allison Oliver Thompson thoroughly explains HypnoBirthing, dispels myths, and provides demonstration exercises in this FREE session for expectant women and their partners contemplating HypnoBirthing.

This Saturday September 10th at 10:30 am, Certified HypnoBirthing Instructor Allison Oliver Thompson will give a brief overview of how the nervous system works, and how this relates to the birth process. She explains the importance of eliminating fear so that our bodies can birth well, and will give an explanation of hypnosis followed by one or two short hypnosis sessions. These exercises allow participants to experience physical changes as a result of directed thoughts that the instructor will lead them through. A beautiful video of a HypnoBirth will be shown. 

HypnoBirthing strives to help women to connect with their bodies, and to trust in the innate birthing wisdom that all of us have. Some women may not remember parts of their birth due to the state of deep relaxation that they achieve, but this is actually a natural part of the birth process when women are not in fear and do not have fear cues in their environment.

For more about this class, the full course outline, or to sign up, see our CLASSES page!



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