Making Space for Time

Making Space for Time

What is it about the autumnal equinox that calls us to clear space? What are we all clearing space for?

Having grown up with a mother who cleaned near-constantly whenever she was at home, I have a broad repertoire of cleaning modes and motivations of my own. There is the frustrated clean. There is the “I can’t control these other things, but my kitchen will gleam if it kills me” clean. There is the “we’re going away, and I love coming back to an orderly home” clean. 


The changing of the season prompts many of us to do some kind of a big turning-out of the spaces that we occupy. Fall is no exception: the washing of the fall jackets, the staging of inspiring homework areas for our kids, the closet-clearing, and the removal of a summer’s worth of beach sand from our vehicles are just some of the tasks that we tackle as summer wraps up. 


We’re setting ourselves up for an easy return to school for the kids, and perhaps to work, for teachers and others who work in the school system. Not everyone is returning to school, though, and it’s a small number of us who have been on holiday for the entire summer, surely. What is it about the autumnal equinox that calls us to clear space? What are we all clearing space for? 


I believe what we’re doing in autumn is the all-important  “I need emotional and mental space, which I can’t achieve with all of this stuff in the way” clean. Just as we make space for a guest, and clean in preparation to receive them, so we clear the way for our minds to receive new gifts.  


You may notice, as I do, that your reading choices get more serious as September approaches. You probably find yourself not only looking at learning opportunities for your little ones, but for yourself as well. Something about the turning of the leaves pushes us to forego the merely relaxing or entertaining, to set aside time for that which enriches us in mind and body.


For myself, this particular autumnal equinox feels “extra pushy”. Heike Ulmer, the midwife who teaches several classes at Evymama is returning to her home in Germany this December, and she will be dearly missed. Heike has been teaching her hugely popular Pelvic Floor and Core rehab class at Evymama for almost two years now. In that time, she created a class dedicated to those with older children, a Pelvic Floor Part 2 class for those wanting to carry on with their training, and a prenatal pelvic floor fitness class, as well. Most of the instructors and staff at Evymama are signing themselves up to take her classes this September, myself included. The clock is ticking, the master is leaving- it’s time to get our questions answered before that door closes, probably forever. 


If you’re in cleaning mode, check out this event we’re holding in September. I hope that you'll clear yourself some islands of time for learning and fitness, if you haven't done that already. We've got some inspiring new classes for the entire family in our studio, notably Family Yoga, Creativity Express, and Babies @ Play.

Here's to turning over new leaves,

Sarah LeMay & The Evymamas

Insider Tips: Don't miss our Bring a friend to class for free week, September 4-10 2018, the totally FREE "How to Have an Awesome Birth" workshop on September 23rd, and for World Breastfeeding Week, the Breastfeeding Triumphs photo exhibit presentation on the evening of October 1st.




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