The day I sought a parenting coach

The day I sought a parenting coach

Sometimes we seasoned parents think we have it all figured out...And then things just aren't meshing at home. The kids are bickering all the time. You find you have to ask four times and yell the fifth time for them to get ready and out the door. Time to get some parenting help. Everyone needs a coach sometimes.

This Spring, my stress was at an all-time high and I didn't really know it. To make things worse, my two big kids were constantly at each other and fighting all the time. 

I found myself becoming a shrieking mess. Why were they not listening at all, ever? Why did they now seem to hate each other? I began to wonder if it was the birth of my youngest child that had us all finally losing our sanity. Had I broken things?

I emailed Sarah Rosensweet and asked about a coaching session. I had already been in touch with her about teaching her workshops at Evymama, and she came highly recommended. 

I filled out an intake form, and we had a 1-hour session over Skype. She emailed me some additional resources after our session. I was immediately and easily able to put her recommendations into practise.

My number one takeaway from the session? Sibling rivalry is all about attention. How much one-on-one attention do your kids need from you per day? 15 minutes. 15 minutes of one-on-one per kid is a magical formula for success. And as Sarah says, "You can do anything for 15 minutes." I was just so focussed on doing things together "as a family" and not enough time alone with each of them that they were both driving each other crazy, and seeking my undivided attention by whatever means necessary. 

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