The life-changing magic of a beautiful lingerie drawer

The life-changing magic of a beautiful lingerie drawer

Imagine a drawer full of relevant bras and panties only. What do I mean by relevant? Read on.

You'll notice that I borrowed Marie Kondo's verbiage in my post title. Since I am a firm believer in not trying to reinvent the wheel, we can safely begin with her general suggestions about tidying up, with some pregnancy and nursing-specific additions. 

Coles notes: If it doesn't currently fit you, or if it's faded, pilled, torn or stained, it has no place in your drawer. Don't be afraid of having too few things in your drawer to choose from. You are daily only choosing from a few pairs of underwear or bras. The others are dead weight. Your life will improve if you declutter. Start where you start your day: your unmentionables. 

Take stock and take action!

1. If your non-maternity or non-nursing bras (which are probably laughably small right now) are in your drawer, lovingly put them in a nice garment box in your basement or at the back of a closet for when your last baby weans. Don't bother to store any that you don't love because you'll love them even less later. Your drawer should contain only bras that fit your current lifestyle and size! Ditto for undies. If they don't currently fit you, but they're gorgeous and pristine, store them. Otherwise: toss toss toss!

2. If there is an ick-factor to anything in your drawer, drop it like it's hot. You are too fine to be putting stained or torn undies on. The same goes for bras that used to be white but that you abused into a greyish dishwater colour. Not for you. Not today, not ever. The new you will hand wash her bras daily and it will take her just two minutes.

3. If it isn't comfortable, don't keep it. That scratchy underwear or ill-fitting bra, no matter what you paid for it, has got to go. It's currently providing a daily reproach to you for having bought it, every time you open your drawer. Just let it go. 

Now, for what to put in: 

2 perfectly-fitted daytime nursing bras in colours and styles that reflect the way you dress. I suggest 1 black plus 1 close to your skin tone. These can be as beautiful as you'd like, but must still be comfortable. 

If the above-mentioned bras aren't sexy, you will need 1 bra that make you feel totally sexy. Here's my current favourite, in navy: Vines nursing bra

1 fantastic nursing sports bra or regular sports bra if you work out without baby in tow. 

2-3 sublimely comfortable sleep nursing bras 

As many comfortable and yet very "you" underwear as you'd like. You should have some suitable for anytime and some for working out in- maybe those are one in the same for you. All will be fresh and begging to be put on when you open your drawer. 

Try it, and let me know how this goes for you! I LOVE opening my lingerie drawer, and I hope you do too. 

Happy New Year!














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